Simplify your Life with Corian Sinks and Countertops

Corian Sinks – Low Maintenance

corian sinksIf you are tired of doing window shopping for sinks and are about to give up, here is a lifeline. DuPont corian sinks and countertops. You have heard of them in almost any outlet that sells sinks. They make their sinks and countertops that are merged together and you have probably seen them in restaurant clock rooms or in the hotel rooms. They make the sinks and the countertops to fuse together right in the manufacturing process. This makes it very easy to clean as you will not find dirt hiding in the cracks or the joinery like it is the case in the ordinary sinks we find in homes. This also makes it easy to install the sinks.

Corian sinks and countertops are made of very tough material and this makes them very durable. The materials used to make the sinks are heated up to a high of 300 degrees and here they mold them into beautiful cleaning facilities. They come in different colors and textures for you to choose and also an array of designs which will go well in blending in with the rest of your kitchen, bathroom, office or laundry room interiors.

Your sink or bathtub could very easily become the focal point of the room with these high quality sinks. Since the late 60s, the DuPont Company has been making great products and you can put your confidence in their professionalism and expertise. They require very minimal maintenance routines like cleaning and disinfecting. The material they are made off does not attract mildew and therefore the corian sinks and countertops are friendly for use by all members of the family. You only require your household bleach to disinfect it and for cleaning, you only need to use a cloth, soap and water.

Corian Sinks – Styles and Applications

The collection of corian sinks ranges from the small single sinks, to the large single or large double sinks which come in numerous different designs which will definitely blend into your home interior design. The countertops they are joined with work to create a harmonious flow without any sharp edges. Corian sinks are good for your kitchens as they are not leaky. They are very long lasting and are resistant to stain formation and the adverse effects of moisture accumulation.

The small Corian sinks can be used alone if your room requires just one small sink but if you like, you can always get another corian sink and use the two of them as combined. The large sinks are for roomy kitchens and are very appealing. You can also use it alone or use it together with another sink. The other option is to opt for the double sinks which are stylish and also ideal for a big kitchen.

Corian Sinks