Environmentally Friendly Corian Sinks and Countertops

Corian Sinks And Countertops – Over A Hundred Different Colors But They All Point To Green

corian sinksIf you are a home owner who cares about the environment and are careful to buy products that are made with these principles in mind, then you are sure to appreciate corian sinks and countertops. When creating your home interiors, it is important to ensure that you go as green as possible in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for your and your family. Although sometimes it is impossible to find home fixtures that are green at all, DuPont, the makers of corian sinks and countertops have already gone a step a head to ensure that you clean your utensils, wash your hands and bath yourself on an environmentally friendly sink, bath tub or vanity bowl.

Corian sinks and countertops can be found in over a hundred colors but all of them point to green and they are still getting more and more greener. If you understand how long lasting these sinks are, then you will not fail to know why it is important for these sinks to be environmentally friendly.

Corian Sinks – Unequalled Aesthetic Value

Corian sinks are just wonderful for the office, kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms if you are keen on getting sinks that are easy to maintain and will not stain easily, they have their unequalled aesthetic value, they function just right and are bound to last for tens and tens of years in tip top condition. corian sinks come in the small sized single sinks which are suitable for small spaces. You can either use one on its own or you can get another Corian sink and use them together.

There are other styles like the large single sink. This sink is quite popular due to its size and will be ideal for a bigger spaced kitchen and just like the small single sink, you can use it on its own or you can combine it with another Corian sink. The next type is the Corian double sink. A double sink is ideal for a larger kitchen with a bigger work area and possibly more utensils to clean. Corian double sinks will provide to you double the functionality as well and chic and modern designs to complement your kitchen’s interior décor. If you are searching for a double sink, there are several models to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. There are the 850, 872, 873, 874 and 902 double sinks. All these models are available in five different colors.

Corian sinks come with work tops or countertops merged together right from the factory as part of the manufacturing process. This will ensure that you do not find yourself with the rough edges found with this type of countertop connection and you therefore get top quality working areas.

Corian Sinks