Corian Sinks for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Corian Sinks – Practical and Elegant

corian sinksSearching for the best and most varied type of sinks for home has gotten easier thanks to DuPont’s corian sinks line. Their offerings are specially designed for both homes and offices, from the kitchen to the bathroom. In addition to having varied sizes and colors, designs of corian sinks provide consumers many choices that will suit their tastes and preferences. From the practical to the elegant, DuPont’s offerings will not disappoint any seeker.

Corian Sinks – The Kitchen

Anyone looking for Corian kitchen sinks should check out DuPont’s collections of Small, Large, Double and the new Vaso line of corian sinks. Those searching for a compact yet functional sink can check models 802 (top view schematic 306mm x 402 mm x 452 mm) and 809 (315mm x 316mm x 367mm) Small Single Sinks. Large Single Sinks have seven models and most notable of them are models 901 (with curve, 23 5/8 x 559mm x 300mm x 315mm x 481mm) and the new 966 Angolo Sink (749.8mm x 699.4mm x 400.7mm x 349.5mm x 122.1mm and 451.1mm). For heavier duties, more workspace, contemporary styles and improved functions, buyers are encouraged to examine model 850 (793 mm x 110mm x 418mm for two sinks x 481mm) under DuPont’s Double Sinks line. Specially designed for users wanting one small sink and one large sink in a double set are models 872 (838mm x 331mm x 395mm and 127mm for small x 409mm and 254mm for large x 559mm) and 902 (546mm x 495mmx 32mm x 131mm x 383mm for small x 469mm for large with curve x 830mm x 881mm x 227mm). Consumers seeking luxury and elegance won’t be disappointed with the Vaso Sink Collection that includes the 965 Metro Sink (dimensions 15 ¾” x 15 ¾” x 4” x 8”) and the earlier mentioned model 965 Angolo Sink. All Corian kitchen sinks listed are made with the finest solid materials and will last several years for countless uses.

Corian Sinks – The Bathroom

For Corian bathroom sinks, DuPont offers high-end choices made with solid Corian surfaces that will not only complement any bathroom design but also add elegance and natural resistance to bacteria and mold. Model 820 (421mm x 371mm rim x 95mm hole x 316mm) comes with an oval design while model 831 (559mm x 509mm rim x 114mm hole x 388mm) provides a long curve with one straight side. Buyers may also want to check out model 830 (529mm x 285mm hole x 479mm rim x 396mm) which comes with four slightly curved sides. Most of elegant of all is model 837 (470mm x 197mm hole x 432mm rim x 394mm) with its unique oval shape and slightly edged rim. Overall, DuPont’s collections of Corian Bathroom Sinks and Corian Kitchen Sinks will undoubtedly interest any consumer seeking the best value for their money, the best designs for their homes, and long term reliability and durability. These specially designed sinks, which are easy to install and maintain, will blend well into any kitchen or bathroom and at the same time add a zest of elegance. In light of the hard economic times, DuPont’s Corian Bathroom Sinks and Corian Kitchen Sinks provide the best value for the consumer’s money anywhere. For further information about the latest Corian Bathroom Sinks and Corian Kitchen Sinks, consumers can visit their local retailers or log on to today.

Corian Sinks