Corian Sinks Cleaning: The Best Way to Care for Corian Sinks

Corian Sinks Cleaning – Easy To Maintain

corian sinks cleaningCreated by the DuPont company, Corian is the brand name of a hard surface material made with acrylic polymer and alumina tri-hydrate. When Corian is heated to about three hundred degrees, it is capable of being molded into many forms. It is primarily used for kitchen sinks and comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Small Corian sinks can be installed in bathrooms, powder rooms or anywhere where a small sink is needed. Large Corian sinks can be installed in kitchens or laundry rooms. Corian double sinks, meanwhile, can be used in kitchens with large work spaces. Like any other kitchen or bathroom fixtures, Corian sinks need to be cleaned. What is great about Corian sinks is that they are not self-cleaning, but are easy to clean and maintain. Proper cleaning and disinfecting is needed for Corian sinks to have long lives. All one has to do is to follow these simple corian sinks cleaning steps and he or she will have glistening, germ-free Corian sinks in no time.

Corian Sinks Cleaning – Easy To Clean

The initial step to be done during corian sinks cleaning is to saturate a cleaning cloth with warm water, then drizzle a teaspoon of dish soap over the cloth. The sinks should be cleaned by wiping down the sides and bottom of the sink with the soapy cloth.

The next step in corian sinks cleaning involves disinfecting the sinks using diluted household bleach. The proportion should be one part water and one part bleach. Fill the sink one quarter full with the solution. Let it stand for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, wash the bottom and sides of the sinks, then rinse thoroughly. For scrubbing, use a scrubbing pad to remove built-up residue. After wiping the sink to remove the cleaning residue, dry the sink with a clean cloth.

Corian sinks cleaning is one way to preserve the lives of Corian sinks. In addition, it is advisable for them not to be exposed to strong chemicals. If this happens, one should quickly flush the surface with water. And because Corian sinks are non-porous, stains are not capable of penetrating their surface. However, it is best to wipe out spills as they occur to avoid having problems later on. Proper cleaning is important for those who love their beautiful Corian sinks. Of course they do not want their sinks to be scratched. The best way to avoid this is to never put a hot pan into the sink. With proper cleaning, Corian sinks resist the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. They will also look new and beautiful for years to come.

Aside from being moisture-resistant, easy to clean and hard-wearing, Corian sinks are attractive, the reason why they can be used to match any color and any kitchen d├ęcor. For those who are building new houses or remodeling old ones, Corian sinks should be put into consideration. They add a sophisticated look as well as bring contemporary style and elegance to any room where sinks are needed.

Corian Sinks Cleaning