Corian Countertops

Corian Countertops – Versatile and Reliable

corian countertopsSo you want a high-end countertop that wouldn’t break your wallet? corian countertops are one of the best in the market, in that it is high-end yet relatively low-cost. As a matter of fact, before its introduction to the market some 40 years ago, ‘high-end countertop’ and ‘relatively low cost’ would not have been mentioned in the same breath. Now, this line of solid surface countertops by DuPont has taken the kitchen renovation scene by storm, and with good reason.

Corian countertops are known for its non-porous surface, its durability, and yes, its versatility. Corian’s groutless and seamless look is perfect for the modern kitchen. Its being non porous means that no sealants are required. This also makes it one very hygienic surface because stains do not penetrate. These countertops are also bacteria and mildew resistant. This is the reason why these countertops are also used in health establishments, commercial food preparation establishments and chemical laboratories.

The fact that these countertops are non porous not only means that you get to have bacteria and fungi-proof surfaces; it also means that your counter tops look good for a long time. corian countertops are also durable. While it is true that it scratches easily than granite, which is a natural stone, these scratches can be easily dealt with by using orbital sander.

Corian Countertops – The Colors

Corian countertops come in more than 100 colors; and there are three major color categories – semi-gloss, high-gloss and matte-satin. One of the best things about this kind of countertop is that the homogenous mix of acrylic resin, natural minerals and color pigments made it possible for the colors to permeate through the whole slab. This means that with Corian, you can hardly get any less stylish. Add the fact that these countertops can be cut, bent or sculpted to custom-fit any kitchen counter; so you have a free rein in design.

Corian countertops are also well-regarded due to its versatility. Corian is made of acrylic polymer, specifically Polymethyl Methacrylate, crushed minerals, usually Alumina Trihydrate from Bauxite ores, stabilizers and pigments for colors. Sometimes, UV inhibitors, such as titanium dioxide are also added. This is to prevent color from fading; a feature that would be very useful for outdoor kitchens. It is then thermoformed into the desired shape.

One of the drawbacks about corian countertops is that it isn’t as heat-resistant as natural stone. You see, during its manufacture, Corian was thermoformed; and thermoformed materials are usually susceptible to direct heat. What you can do is use trivet pans to preserve the form. Corian can withstand heat of up to 200 degrees Centigrade though.

Corian Countertops – Environmentally Friendly

A lesser known fact about Corian – it is actually inert and non-toxic. Even when it is burnt, it will emit only Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide, so it is a relatively green material. It limits waste and energy consumption and even has low VOC or volatile organic compound emission stats.

Corian countertops are fast becoming the keyword in the countertop market. If you want the beauty of natural stone and the versatility of polymer, it’s high time you start thinking about acquiring one for your modern kitchen.

Corian Countertops